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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Get in Touch
  How can I contact the webmaster? Nov 02, 2001
Who is JetWhiz? Nov 02, 2001

GAC Features
  I can't play any games! What's wrong? Aug 29, 2002
Why won't the GAC Search engine find any results to my input? Nov 01, 2001

GAC Layout
  What do your color-codes mean? Nov 01, 2001
My browser doesn't support frames, what should I do? Aug 29, 2002
What browser(s) should/can I use to view GAC? Apr 04, 2002
How is the GAC Navigation bar set up? Nov 02, 2001
Why are there big empty gaps on the bottoms of your pages? Mar 07, 2003

  What's the difference between HTML and Plain Text? Nov 02, 2001
What's GAC Times? Jun 01, 2002
What are cookies? Nov 21, 2001

Common Problems

GAC Errors (Technical/Script)
  Technical error found on a plane's info Nov 03, 2001
JavaScript error warning Nov 03, 2001

GAC Features
  Problems with GAC Games Nov 03, 2001
Problems with GAC Search engine Nov 03, 2001
Problems submitting forms Nov 03, 2001
Login Problems Jun 01, 2002

GAC Layout
  Problems with page viewing Apr 04, 2002

  If the GAC Navigation bar on the left of the screen will not load or doesn't load correctly, please make sure you are running Internet Explorer 3.0+, Netscape 6.0+, Mozilla, or Opera 5+. Our navigation bar is loaded in an internal frame, and those are the only current browsers that support it.

  If our font is too small for you to read, or you find a 'dead link' (links which lead to pages that don't work or exist), please contact the GAC Webmaster as soon as possible with the following information:

  • The page you found the dead link on (if applicable)
  • The page which was not found or did not work (if applicable)
  • Your browser information (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc)
  • Your screen resolution (800x600, 1024x768, etc)

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